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Millikin’s 灵活的学习, formerly known as PACE, is for individuals who are looking for a variety of paths to earn their degree. Classes take place in a variety of formats, 包括在线, 面对面, 在白天, evenings and weekends. Students also have access to tools that will help them find success after graduation, including Millikin’s Center for 学术 and Professional Performance. Flexible learning allows students to take courses at Millikin (part-time or full time) and pay a flat fee for each course

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灵活的学习 Course Structure

Many on campus 灵活的学习 courses are delivered in an accelerated format, typically lasting 7-10 weeks (depending on major) for a 3 credit hour course. Fewer weeks are generally required for 1 or 2 credit hour courses and more weeks for 4 credit hour courses.

On campus classes generally meet only one night per week from 6:00 P.M.-10:00 P.M. Additionally courses may include online meetings or courses that meet on weekends. In accelerated courses, the first assignment is prepared prior to and due at the first night of class meeting. The final course requirement will be due one week after the last meeting night of class. 因此, students should anticipate some overlap in coursework as one class ends and another begins.

Students are expected to devote an estimated 15-20 hours per week to outside work per 3 credit hour course. 一旦承认, a 灵活的学习 student typically will begin the courses that are required of all Millikin University students in order to graduate (See 大学研究 course requirements and Electives). After the majority of 大学研究 requirements are complete, students will begin to take courses in their major. 

For more information about 灵活的学习, view or download the course catalog on the 注册的网站 或访问 灵活的学习 常见问题解答 Pages. 
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